We are designers, illustrators, writers, marketers, researchers, curators, technologists and creative problem-solvers — but most of all, we're fans.

We put research-based experiences first. The rest comes second.

Mtn. & Co. was founded because of our passion for three things: sports, design, and most of all experiences — user experiences, brand experiences, fan/customer experiences. They are the most important thing when it comes to creating a successful project that delivers the results your team, organization, product or brand are looking for. In a world where anyone blessed with sight has the ability to make a subjective judgement on visual work, there are often too many design decisions being made based on subjectivity; stakeholders making creative decisions based on their own personal aesthetics and not taking into account what is right for the brand.

We believe this to be the wrong method of thinking. All human beings are creative, therefore all human beings have the ability to make a subjective opinion based on their own personal taste. The problem is that personal taste is not relevant when it comes to creating for brands or products where thousands of passionate people freely express their opinions about that brand.

Does this mean you should be conducting massive focus groups allowing your fans to weigh in on things like the execution of your visual identity? Of course not. But, our design decisions are made based on strategic research, which often includes fan engagement, industry & technology trends, user research and more. 

Your brand never stops working. Fans never stop engaging with it. Sport is the one industry where people truly care; and they do so in real time — 24/7/365. Despite all of the team tattoos, decorated homes, family traditions and passionate tweets, our goal is to help you create experiences for these fans and allow you to strategically and consistently tell your ever-evolving story.

We work directly with college athletic departments, professional & amateur teams, individual athletes & coaches, lifestyle brands and technology startups in the sports vertical.

Our History

Mtn. & Co. is the rebranding of the design consultancy of Adam Martin. The firm existed for 9 years as A. Martin Design, an independent consultancy that provided graphic design and web design services to clients in the sports, startups, b2b and industrial industries. 

Adam's start in design came when he graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and began working for nationally-known sports marketing firm, Host Communications (a company that was later acquired by IMG World and became IMG College). The freelance business evolved over the years from physical studio locations, interns, freelancers to direct team integrations at other companies. With sports clientele continuously growing, as well as collaboration with more and more partners, the company took the opportunity to rebrand, reposition and restrategize from A. Martin Design to Mtn. & Co. — a vertically-integrated interactive design and branding company focused full-time on providing quality digital and brand experiences to sports-based companies, brands, organizations or startups.

Made on a mtn.

Who We Are

Mtn. & Co. stands for Mountain & Company. Why mountain? Founder and creative director, Adam Martin has a long and deep-rooted heritage in the Appalachian Foothills of Kentucky. As an eighth-generation Kentuckian with the last name "Martin", Mtn. presented itself as the perfect abbreviation of both the geographic object, as well as the founder's last name.

The words "and company" represent the team of independent or partnered designers, photographers, strategists, researchers and developers that make up Mtn. & Co. We do not believe in physical offices or locations. We believe great work can be created anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection and a passion. Location is not a barrier. You're online all day already, so that's where we'll be.

We also do not believe in forcing you to work with a full-time staff member simply because they work for us. Each project is different so that staff may not be the best fit for your project. Therefore we bring on the right partners under our umbrella custom fit for your project. You'll always interface with our leaders. 

Team Members

A D A M   M A R T I N
Founder, Chief Creative Officer

C H R I S  R A D C L I F F E
Art Director & Photographer

J U S T I N  H A M L E T T
Back-End Developer

K R I S  H A M M O N S
Front-End Developer

L A U R A  R U D O L P H
Research Director

C U R T I S  C O N R A D
Graphic Designer

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