We are designers, illustrators, writers, marketers, strategists, researchers, curators, coders, technologists and creative problem-solvers; but most of all, we're fans.

We exist to provide quality experiences to you and the people that engage with your brand.

Mtn. & Co. Studio creates media-agnostic brand experiences for companies and organizations in the sports & entertainment verticals. From content, to design, to technology, to strategy, we focus heavily on discovering value opportunities and work hard, along with you, to help you develop and deliver your brand's core messaging through various mediums.

Your brand never stops working. In the digital era, fans and/or customers never stop engaging with it. Sports and entertainment are the two industries where people truly care; and they do so in real time—24/7/365. Our goal is to help you create experiences for these fans and customers that allow you to strategically and consistently tell your ever-evolving story.

We work with college athletic departments, professional & amateur teams, youth clubs, athletes, coaches, lifestyle & consumer brands, hunting & outdoors brands, eSports companies, technology startups and emerging sports & entertainment companies.

Our History

Mtn. & Co. Studio began in 2006 as the independent design and art direction practice of Adam Martin. The studio existed from 2006–2015 as A. Martin Design, a creative consultancy that provided graphic design, web design and art direction services to clients in the sports, startups, technology, association, consumer and industrial industries. 

Adam's origin in design and the sports business began when he graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and was hired as a print and interactive designer at the reknown sports marketing firm, Host Communications (a company that was later acquired by IMG World and is now known IMG College). After a brief time at Host Communications, Adam left to start a freelance design practice that evolved over the years from home office to physical studio location, interns to freelancers; and later evolved to embedded contract engagements in-house at a tech company and lacrosse company. With sports clientele continuously growing and Adam's personal brand as a sports business-minded creative gaining steam, the studio decided to rebrand in 2015, renaming itself from A. Martin Design to Mtn. & Co. Studio and repositioning itself into a vertically-integrated services provider for the sports industry focused on executing design, brand strategy and creative direction to companies, brands, organizations and startups.

Made on a mtn.

Who We Are

Mtn. & Co. stands for Mountain & Company. Why mountain? Founder and creative director, Adam Martin has a long and deep-rooted heritage in the Appalachian Foothills of Kentucky. As an eighth-generation Kentuckian with the last name "Martin", Mtn. presented itself as the perfect abbreviation of both the geographic object, as well as the founder's last name.

The words "and company" represent the team of trusted associates and contracts which include designers, photographers, strategists, researchers and developers. We believe great work can be created anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection and a passion; therefore, we don't force our associates into one office or locale. Location is not a barrier—you're online all day already, so that's where we'll be.

Each client is different and project is different requiring different skillsets; therefore, instead of forcing you to work with one particular skillset on our payroll, we selectively bring on the right partners from our global network of designers, art directors, etc. under our umbrella in order to build a custom team for your needs. You'll always interface with our leader, who will manage the projects, source and contract talent, and creative direct all projects. 


A D A M   M A R T I N
Principal & Creative Director

C H R I S  R A D C L I F F E
Associate, Director of Photography

E M I L Y  M A R T I N

J E R R O D  L O N G
Associate, Director of Development

J U S T I N  H A M L E T T
Back-end Developer

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