Refining the digital experience of a multi-million dollar lacrosse brand.

Mtn. & Co. worked with 3d Lacrosse's in-house marketing team and third party development firm to redesign and refine the visual experience of The website for 3d Lacrosse is the primary source of income when it come comes to registering for events, select teams, camps and more. For a startup worth millions, this is not a task to take lightly. 

Through wireframing, user research and collaboration with the back-end development team, we provided a new interface complete with responsive visual designs, templated hero images and other assets to be modfied by the in-house team, as well as a detailed style guide.

We also worked with select 3d Lacrosse athletes to art direct and shoot engaging photography that can be used across the brand's platforms in print and digital. Literally defining the face of lacrosse for generations.

Capitalizing on mobile traffic.

Much of the Internet's traffic today is through mobile. We focused heavily on providing a heirarchical experience on the mobile view of the 3d Lacrosse website, including designing the user experience of a complicated multi-level menu on mobile devices.

Ensuring fail-safe visual consistency.

A detailed user interface style guide was created as an asset to pass off to third parties that work on the site, including the contracted Drupal development team in order to ensure consistency across the large site and throughout the overall digital brand experience. Below is the style guide that was created including font sizes and text usage, proper color usage, list styles, navigation and more. A highly detailed and labeled Photoshop file was passed off to the development team for integration.

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