Growing Corporate Partnerships in America's Favorite Past-time

America loves baseball. Unfortunately not every American city has the opportunity to watch high-level baseball played in-person (i.e. the big leagues). Fortunately, Minor League Baseball gives folks the opportunity to enjoy a pleasurable experience being around the game in smaller markets around the U.S. 

Minor League Baseball approached us at the end of 2016 to create a few landing pages for some of their b2b properties, including their partnerships team, which is responsible for selling the MiLB product to potential sponsors and developing corporate partnerships. We created a fun and friendly parallax landing page with an updated typeface from Adobe's Typekit to compliment the print font from MiLB's style guide, United. The landing page is responsive and focuses on a heirarchy of information telling a story as one moves through the page, navigating through more and more data and calls-to-action before eventually ending with some contact information.

Our concept was to really portray the family friendly and human characteristic of Minor League Baseball to potential sponsors, as well as allowing the MiLB sales team to create case studies to go more in-depth on things have worked for brands they've worked with in the past. 

In addition, we created a custom admin screen in WordPress for MiLB to add future content specific to this landing page.


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