Branding the Most Passionate Basketball Fan Base in the World

We were tasked with creating the branding and an overall visual language for the Sixth Man, a documentary by a Steven Spielberg protegé about the passionate Kentucky Wildcats fan base. Kentucky coach John Calipari refers to the Kentucky fan base as a "blue dust". He often references the metaphor of getting blue dust on oneself and being unable to shake it off. This speaks to the passion of the Big Blue Nation.

Our concept was to create a flexible design language and graphic elements that could be scaled across print, digital and point-of-purchase materials. The idea is that everyone is the "sixth man". Conceptually, we created the logo and promotional graphics to be modififed slightly to allow for different people behind the large Sixth Man logo. A photoshoot was conducted that included famed Wildcats fans Ashley Judd, Coach Joe B. Hall and many more. From the Kentucky coal miner to famous actors to a regular Joe, everyone that loves Kentucky Basketball is the Sixth Man.


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